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Husband, father, and math teacher (usually in that order). Love sane use of technology in the classroom, great questions, and using time wisely. Current dreams: do some consulting and get on a particular team-based reality show.

Seven Videos Left

This school year, to no one’s surprise, has been a grind. But I would also say if you think about it, we shouldn’t be surprised innovation has been seen in large amounts too. While some of it was required, other … Continue reading

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Experience First, Formalize Later for Algebra 1 Systems

In January 2020, a friend and I were able to go to a StatsMedic Pop-Up Workshop and see the lessons in action. It was a great Saturday. We were able to see the lessons in action, get some of the … Continue reading

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Keeping Classroom Calculators

I saw this idea in the classroom of one of my kids’ teachers a few years ago. And I finally got around to implementing it on my own. The original idea was on mini-clipboards but it was cheaper to just … Continue reading

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Making PDFs of Worksheets without a Scanner in Google Drive

I was looking to scan some documents at home and came across this option in Google Drive I hadn’t seen before. After talking with a few tech savvy colleagues (they hadn’t seen it either),  I thought I would share it. To … Continue reading

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Need Help with Privacy During Testing?

A few years ago, I was able to get pentagonal tables in my classroom. I love them 90% of the time. The only time I didn’t was when I was giving a test or quiz. For a few years, I … Continue reading

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Need a Hands-On Way to Introduce Piecewise Functions? Try this.

A friend at work reminded me of this activity today. Charles teaches the Advanced Algebra/Algebra 2 course I taught a few years ago and mentioned how much he liked this. I remembered the impact it had on the kids so … Continue reading

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Classroom Calendar

As promised here’s the story/tweak/how-to on my latest creation, my classroom calendar. As always, scroll down to the, “how to,” section if you’d like to cut-to-the-chase. A few years ago, most of the math classrooms at my school were painted … Continue reading

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How Much Would Zero McNuggets Cost?

I promise I will get graphical evidence on this (and probably a worksheet) tomorrow but this is real-life problem is too good to wait. It was one of those nights where there were plans and supper was forgotten about until too … Continue reading

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Some Fun Problems for Your Classroom

Background: As with any profession, you often see the world through that filter. Ever read Math Curse? I’m there all the time (unless we’re spinning things into a reality show). When I see something, I try to quantify things. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Bucket Lists and Stretching Yourself

Bucket lists. Before the movie came out, I just thought it was list of things to do. Regardless there’s something said about stretching yourself. If you know me, you’ve probably heard me talk about the Amazing Race. The show’s host … Continue reading

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