Keeping Classroom Calculators

I saw this idea in the classroom of one of my kids’ teachers a few years ago. And I finally got around to implementing it on my own.

The original idea was on mini-clipboards but it was cheaper to just get the board by itself. From there a drill, some painters tape, a little Gorilla Glue, and Command Wire Hooks and you’re all set.

A few suggestions:

  • Before drilling the holes, put some painters tape on both sides to help keep the wood from splintering when you drill through it.
  • Get the Gorilla Glue Gel. It helps ensure more than just the little bumps affix to the board.
  • Calculators on eBay, with some patience, can be had for about $8 each including shipping.

It’s pretty straight forward. They are on the wall near the corner in the front of my room. Easy for me to see at end of the period, ready to grab, but not terribly obvious if students are self-conscious about it. The board makes it so you can’t forget it’s not yours whole packing up. I did a cheaper version years ago with Velcro but this works so much better.

ETA: fixed bad links

About Aaron Hayes

Husband, father, and math teacher (usually in that order). Love sane use of technology in the classroom, great questions, and using time wisely. Current dreams: do some consulting and get on a particular team-based reality show.
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