Making PDFs of Worksheets without a Scanner in Google Drive

I was looking to scan some documents at home and came across this option in Google Drive I hadn’t seen before. After talking with a few tech savvy colleagues (they hadn’t seen it either),  I thought I would share it.

To make a PDF with your phone, first…




…launch the Google Drive app on your phone. From there, click on the add (+) button.






click on the scan option. Take a photo of the document.









A preview of the document is shown. If it looks good, click on the check mark. If you need to adjust the crop, click on the cropping symbol.







To adjust the crop, move the handles to where you want them.

Then click on the check mark. The


PDF will…






…be in your list of files, ready to go. File names will always start with, “Scanned_” followed by the date.

Ready to share!

Any tech tips that you know but most don’t? Feel free to share in the comments!


About Aaron Hayes

Husband, father, and math teacher (usually in that order). Love sane use of technology in the classroom, great questions, and using time wisely. Current dreams: do some consulting and get on a particular team-based reality show.
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