Need Help with Privacy During Testing?

A few years ago, I was able to get pentagonal tables in my classroom. I love them 90% of the time. The only time I didn’t was when I was giving a test or quiz. For a few years, I used binders for students after seeing colleagues use manila folders. It worked but I wasn’t satisfied – I had students hiding their phones and at 12″ tall, the binders stopped some of the glancing but it was still easy to peer over.

Last year, came up with an idea for a wall using corrugated plastic sheets and some countertop material her dad made slits in to support the sheets. They worked really well but the plastic was pricey and I didn’t have a countertop-cutting dad. During the first quiz last year, I was using a binder clip on a stack of quizzes and after some playing around with some small mockups, I came up with the following:


56 large binder clips from Amazon (affiliate link) and large pre-cut sheets of cardboard (the above are 18″ by 24″), I had my, “Anti-cheat-a-nator 3000s,” as I call them for about $1.50 each. I had thought about cutting cardboard from boxes but after finding the sheets of cardboard for around 80¢ each, it was a no brainer. Incidentally, they show up like this – 50 to a pack. Find a friend with whom to split them or save the extras.


The only thing I plan to tweak on these is to maybe add a little more weight to the bottom. The larger clips provide a decent amount of stability (medium clips do not work) but nothing a pair of squirrelly 9th graders can’t overcome.

Anyway, hope this inspires you and as always, share your experience and tweaks below!

About Aaron Hayes

Husband, father, and math teacher (usually in that order). Love sane use of technology in the classroom, great questions, and using time wisely. Current dreams: do some consulting and get on a particular team-based reality show.
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