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Need a Hands-On Way to Introduce Piecewise Functions? Try this.

A friend at work reminded me of this activity today. Charles teaches the Advanced Algebra/Algebra 2 course I taught a few years ago and mentioned how much he liked this. I remembered the impact it had on the kids so … Continue reading

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Classroom Calendar

As promised here’s the story/tweak/how-to on my latest creation, my classroom calendar. As always, scroll down to the, “how to,” section if you’d like to cut-to-the-chase. A few years ago, most of the math classrooms at my school were painted … Continue reading

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How Much Would Zero McNuggets Cost?

I promise I will get graphical evidence on this (and probably a worksheet) tomorrow but this is real-life problem is too good to wait. It was one of those nights where there were plans and supper was forgotten about until too … Continue reading

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